Facts about parrots everyone thinks are true

Parrots are the most adorable pet one can have; they are so beautiful that they can add immense beauty to your place just by their presence. People all across the globe love to have a parrot like blue and gold macaw, blue fronted Amazon parrots, African grey baby parrot and more as a pet as they are really very intelligent and also social at the same time. They look so colorful and the best part is, parrots are those living creatures that live for a very long time span. There are many different species of the parrots all across the world and all these differences in colors, weight and of course the habits. All the above characteristics can help you to differentiate between two different species of parrots.

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According to the studies and survey, it has been observed that there are almost 400 different species of the parrots present across the country but the worst part is, most of them have become endangered, it is very important to take care and save a parrot if you have one, because they are precious. There are many different facts about parrots which make them the most loved pet ever and which people think are actually true.

Let’s check out some of those facts below.
Parrot is The Smartest Pet Ever

It is a fact which is known worldwide that parrots are one of the smartest pets, they are extremely knowledgeable, they are the ones who have the capabilities to learn faster. You might have experienced it or not, but the fact is, they can memorize whatever you say within minutes and will repeat the same. The catching power of the parrots is extremely commendable. They are so intelligent that they can easily associate the words with the situations and the objects, and then they react accordingly. Parrots are even capable of solving problems and using the tools which are not so common in the pets usually. The most engaging fact is, there are some studies by the scientists which say that a parrot has the IQ of a 4 year old, which is actually very interesting to know for an individual. These parrots are quite playful at the same time and can easily engage with your friends.

Parrots are amazing imitators

Parrots are no less than the little ones at our place. They are the pets who observe each and every sound you make at your place, learn it, and can imitate the same very easily. This is one of the very rare and interesting capabilities that make them popular across the world. The best part is, it is not necessary that they will only copy the animal sounds, but they are so smart that they can easily copy the sound around themselves which can be environmentally sound and even the sound of the human speech. There are some particular species that are very popular for imitating sounds which include the Amazon parrots, African grey parrots, and also the macaws. You will be amazed to know that African grey parrots are those parrots who can imitate even more than 100 words at a time which is very interesting to see and amazing to know.

African grey baby parrot

Not all parrots can fly

It is very common beliefs that, as parrots are birds, they will fly but you will be shocked to know that this is not the case. It is not necessary that a parrot can fly. In fact, among the 400 different species of the parrots across the world, Kakapo is one such species that is present in the largest number all around and the interesting part is, they are Flightless. They cannot fly at all. Though these parrots are able to jump and also to climb the trees, which makes it easier for them to feed themselves with the fruits, but again, it is impossible for them to fly. The another major reason which makes them flightless is their weight, these parrots can weigh as much as nine pounds and they can also have a height of up to 2 feet which makes it difficult for them to fly. But unfortunately, the way all the parrots are becoming endangered, similarly, Kakapo is also rare to find.

Parrots can eat with their feet

Among all the facts about the Parrots, the one which makes them different from all the birds is their way of eating, parrots are the only among the birds which can eat from their feet. The reason behind eating from the feet is their zygodactyl feet. Zygodactyl feet are those in which there are 4 toes on each foot which makes the grip stronger to hold the food and eat. Among the 4 toes, two are facing forward and the other two are facing backward. This is how it becomes easier for the parrots to hold the food, bring it to their mouth and then eat it, which is somehow similar to how we humans do with our hands. Such different and interesting facts make the parrots special and precious among all the pets.

Parrots have a longer life

It is usually said that parrots live for a very long time span, though this time can differ among the different species, but there are many parrots who can even outlive their owners. The age of the parrots also depends on their size somehow. One of the reports says that, the small parrots live for 15-20 years, the medium ones live for 25-30 years and the larger ones are the most amazing as the life for approx 100 years and they are the ones who easily outlive their owners. There is also a record made by a parrot recently, whose name was a cookie and belongs to the Cockatoo species, the parrot lived for 82 years which is the highest and died just a few years back in 2016. The life span of the parrots amazes most of the people out there.

Parrots are committed to their partners

It has been observed that if a male and a female parrot will get together, then they will usually stay together all the time, no matter it’s the breeding season or not, which shows that the parrots are also committed to their partners just like we humans. The beautiful fact is, they will only separate when one of the partners dies, and otherwise, nothing can separate them. It has been seen that the male parrots In fact, dance, Parades and also pass different expressions to impress their partner which makes parrots the most interesting and lovable birds out there.

All the above facts are those, which make parrots very special among all, they are loved by all, and it’s really sad that they are becoming endangered; something should be done around it.

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