Facts about parrots that will impress your friends

Are you looking for some interesting and fun facts about parrots? This post is specifically for you. Parrots are the most cheeky and lovable species of birds. These birds have far more colors in their personality than just a pretty face. There are several facts about parrots, but here we are covering a few that you should know,

African grey baby parrot

1. Over 350 species of parrots are present on Earth: –

It is interesting to know that there are different types of parrots on Earth.. However, most of them are found in subtropical and tropical surroundings. There are three other parrot families: Psittacoidea(true parrots), Cacatuoidea(also known as cockatoos), and Strigopoidea(parrots that originally belongs to New Zealand)

2. Parrots hold the food with their feet:

Like other birds, parrots also have amazing grip, but parrots are the only bird species that can keep their food and take up to their beaks while eating. They can use their one feet for holding food while others for feeding themselves. This action of parrots makes them relatable to humans since the similar action we perform with hands. Their fleshy toes perform a set of activities like human fingers.

3. Sound imitation:-

parrots are known for their sound imitation characteristics. But do you ever think, why do they do so? With this activity, they can easily fit in with the surroundings. Parrots are social birds; therefore, they don’t like to be left alone, so they create mimic sounds that they listen around to establish communication. However, parrots don’t have vocal cords like humans; for mimicking, they use muscles present in their throats to direct the air differently. This way, they can create unique sounds like barking dogs, creaking doors, or ringing phones.

4. Enjoy a great life of over 60 years:-

It is common saying that, “The bigger the parrot is, the longer its lifespan”. African Grey is famous for living life beyond 60 years. On the other hand, Macaws live life between 25-50 years. Wild parrots live shorter lives than pet ones because they have to deal with other threats like diseases and predators. The household parrots enjoy a lifespan of over 30 years.

5. Best companion of each other:-

Once the male and female parrots are kept together, they will stay together even outside the breeding seasons. Therefore they are called the mate for life. They will separate with their companion only when they fail to produce the young ones or their partner dies.


6. Strong breaks for survival:-

Parrots are famous for having curved beaks, with the top part larger than the bottom. It is not advised to place your finger anywhere near the parrot’s beak as they are extremely strong and can cause intense injury. Macaws are famous for their powerful beaks as they can easily crush brazil nuts and even break metal cages with them.

7. Parrots that can’t fly:-

Kakapo is the only member of the parrot family that can’t fly. The largest parrot of this species can weigh up to 9 lbs and can grow up to 2 feet long. It is a nocturnal parrot and prey easily at night. Its jumping, and climbing skills are matchless. This parrot is quite rare, and only 142 of these parrots are present in the world.

8. baby parrots are called chic:-

baby parrots or chics are born with a thin layer on their backs. They start opening their eyes after two weeks of their birth. Most parrots make their own nest on the tree and lay eggs there, but some choose to lay their eggs in the rock cavities, ground tunnels, and tree holes.

9. Parrots can consume both vegetarian and nonvegetarian stuff:-

Parrots are very fond of seeds, and they happily eat them throughout the day. Their beaks are so strong that they can easily crack and open the nut in no time. Apart from this, they eat insects, fruits and flowers. Even though they are omnivorous, it doesn’t mean that you need to feed your pet parrot the meat; they are more than happy with the fresh vegetables and fruits too. Parrots like colorful food; therefore, if you want, then you can feed your pet parrots pumpkins, mango, papaya, banana, and asparagus.

10. parrots are the most intelligent birds:-

parrots are widely recognized for their smartness. They are not only capable of mimicking human beings but also capable of performing arithmetic calculations. Parrots have a brain neural circuit that is similar to humans. That’s why even some scientists believe that parrots have the logic of a 4 years old child.

11. Parrots lay 2 to 8 eggs at a time:-

The incubation period of eggs is between 18 to 30 days. And both male and female parrots take their turns to sit on the eggs. When baby parrots become three weeks old, they start developing their features, but they don’t reach the stage of adulthood until they become 1 to 4 years old( however, that figure completely depends on their species).

12. Pandemonium is the term used to refer to the group of parrots:-

The meaning of the word Pandemonium means noisy and wild and who can be louder than a bunch of parrots. Therefore this name is given to the group of natural chatterboxes.

13. Parrots can feel emotions:-

Indeed, parrots are as emotional as humans; they can be sad, angry, and happy. Besides, each parrot has its nature and characteristics. So for the first time pet owner, it can be hard to adjust with the pet who can understand all the emotions,

14. Parrots like to become pets:-

Parrots love to be petted as they want to grasp the attention of others. And they like to be stroked on the top of their heads.

The parrot is one of the most fantastic birds present on Earth. And there is no space of doubt that they would become the best pet as well. At Casa Grey Parrot Farm, you will find different types of pet birds raised in friendly environments that ease them completely with other pets. If you are searching for the ideal pet for yourself or your kids, visit us for support.

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