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African Grey Baby Parrot for Sale in UK

Timneh African Grey Babies Parrot for Sale Online UK. Timneh African Greys have an average lifespan of 40 to 50 years and also possess a highly intelligent and fun-loving personality, same as that of the Congo African Grey. African greys – both the Congo and Timneh — are intelligent, fun-loving animals that crave their owner’s attention.


These medium-sized, African grey baby parrots have the ability to imitate human speech and mimic any sound in the surrounding, which makes them an ideal companion for every bird lover out there. Here at Casa Grey Parrot Farm, we provide African grey babies for sale online in the UK that not just only looks stunningly gorgeous but are completely healthy and fit.
We at Casa Grey Parrot Farm only use airlines to ship our birds, and while on the journey, we make sure that they do not feel uncomfortable by providing food, comfortable bedding, and other things they require in the carrier.
The approximate price of an African grey parrot priced around $1000 to $3500 for sale. This price varies only slightly depending upon the subspecies of the bird that you buy.
The best age to buy an African grey is between 2 to 6 months old before that they have been weaned off the baby bird formula if possible.
These are the foods to avoid:
1- Chocolate
2- Apple Seeds
3- Avocado
4- Mushrooms
An African grey bird starts talking between 12 to 18 months, but this does not mean that you shouldn’t be teaching your African grey until then.
These are the best treat:
1- Carrots
2- Corn
3- Sweet potatoes
4- Peas
5- Green beans
If you’re buying an African or Timneh grey parrot you won’t need to apply for a certificate.


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