Why do people think parrots are good pet?

Are you curious to bring a bird home? Of course, dogs and cats are the most preferred pets that people generally choose. However, parrots are still not so popular among the people, who want to bring a pet home. Parrots are one such pet that is loved by people from all across the world. It is very obvious that beauty attracts people, and nobody can deny the fact that Parrots are one of the most adorable pets like african grey baby parrot, blue fronted Amazon parrots and more, but it is not just about the beauty. Parrots are the birds that are no less than human beings when it comes to intelligence and grasping power. They are the smartest pets one can have. Just their presence can lit up the ambiance of your place. And all these facts are the main reasons why people get so attracted to parrots. Be it their long life, social and fun activities, or any other habits, all prove that parrots can be the best pets. Let us check out all the major facts why people love to have parrots as a pet.
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Parrots are the smartest pet

Parrots are one of the most intelligent pets out there. They can understand the human conversation very easily and can grasp it quickly. The best part is, parrots are capable of solving the human problems and also have amazing communication skills. One of the studies proves that parrots have a mind equals to a 4 year old which is pretty interesting to know. They understand the colors and can also solve maths problems. You can easily train a parrot as your pet just the way you want. They are smart learners. You can spend hours talking to them which makes them the best pets to have at your home.

Grooming is not required

There are many pets like dogs or cats that are very difficult to manage and yes, they are not affordable for all as they need proper grooming from time to time. But on the other hand, the parrot is one such pet that doesn’t require much grooming as they have the capability to do the job for themselves easily. It has been observed that Parrots are one of the most hygienic animals and they can easily preen their feathers on a regular basis. Preening is just like grooming where they trim and remove dust from their feathers on a daily basis. This means you do have to take care of their cleanliness as they do it for themselves. No cutting, grooming, flea bath, nothing is required with a parrot, except their nail cutting once in a while, which make parrots one of the most affordable and low maintenance pets.

They are affordable to feed

If you look at any common pet, such as dog or cat, you need to buy treats for them; they need veg and non veg both kinds of meals to sustain, so it can cost you much. But parrot is one such feathery friend who eats a really small proportion. They just need ¼ or ½ cup of pellets a day along with some fruits, Vegetables or seeds which is very easy to afford for any individual. They do not need to buy any expensive treats for their pet, which saves a lot of money. Hence, it is always said that parrots are one of the most affordable pet options when it comes to feeding as well.
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Parrots live long

The major problem that a pet owner faces is when the pet dies. When we live with a pet around us for years, then it is very difficult to accept their loss. But parrots are one such pet, which Live really long and this makes them the ideal pet for every owner as they can keep them till they die. In fact, many parrots even outlive their owners. One of the pets has made a record of living more than 82 years and recently died in 2016. This shows that the Parrots really have a very long life span. The life of the Parrots depends on their size as well. The smaller ones live for 15-20 years, the medium parrots live for 25-30 years and the larger ones live the most which is up to 100 years, and this is one of the reasons why parrots are adopted by all.

Parrots can be trained easily

As it is mentioned above, parrots are the most intelligent and interesting of all the birds. They are the kind of pets who loves the attention by their owners and hence it becomes very easy to train them. You can spend a good amount of time training them and make them learn your words, language, colours and also to mimic at the same time. There are many parrots that learn so fast that after a point in time, they start imitating you as well. Parrots are one such pet that can easily entertain you and even your guests in the house throughout. They just love to be social and can be easily instructed.

Parrots are social butterflies

Parrots are no less than the social butterflies. They are very easy to gel up even with the new people, and they easily adapt to every kind of environment. They always enjoy the attention and in fact, they might harm themselves if they do not get the proper attention that they are expecting. Hence, it is always suggested that if you are planning to keep a parrot at your place, you really need to take out time to spend with them as they crave for the attention of their owners on a usual basis. It is also advised to make them feel the love from your end, as once the bond is created, you will find that parrots can be very affectionate and loving pets. Parrots always attract your attention as they are so damn adorable and always entertaining.

It can be said that a parrot can be the best entertainment part of your place who will never allow you to get bored; hence, keeping a parrot as a pet can be the best option. So, if you’re planning to get a pet at home, a parrot can be your best choice.

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